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AGOCG Technical Reports

  1. Mapping between CGI X. GJ Reynolds and DB Arnold [Abstract]
  2. Colour Printer Evaluation 2nd edition, 1993 Roy Middleton and Ian Dallas [Abstract].
  3. PC Graphics Software Evaluation IUSC Graphics Working Party [Abstract]
  4. Using Colour in Computer Graphics FRA Hopgood [Abstract]
  5. Graphics Operational Requirement [Abstract]
  6. An Evaluation of CGM Generators and Interpreter Software February 1991 Alan Francis [Abstract].
  7. A Comparison of DEC PHIGS and SunPHIGS. JG Williams, WT Hewitt, TLJ Howard, S Larkin [Abstract]
  8. How to Put 3D Graphics into X. Liant Software [Abstract]
  9. Review of Visualization Systems.2nd edition, February 1995 .
  10. File Formats for Computer Graphics September 1992 Lesley Carpenter and Anne Mumford [Abstract].
  11. Video Conferencing in Education: Meeting Teachers and Learners Support and Training Needs
  12. Evaluation of agX. Bob McGonigle [Abstract].
  13. Review of PBMPLUS Software. April 1992 Phil Herbert [Abstract].
  14. Review of San Diego File Conversion Tools. Neil Bowers [Abstract].
  15. Supporting Computer Graphics. Workshop Report, March 1992 [Abstract].
  16. Eurographics '92 Multimedia Tutorial Note. (Not available on this CD)
  17. Image Processing Software Evaluation Report January 1993 UCSG Graphics Working Party [Abstract].
  18. Computing Service and Audio Visual Services: Managing the Graphics Common Ground. Workshop report, November 1992 [Abstract].
  19. The Potential of Virtual Reality for UK Higher Education (Workshop Report)
  20. Review of PostScript Previewer Software. January 1993 Alan Francis [Abstract].
  21. Review of Agfa Arcus Colour Scanner February 1993 Dave Rogers et al [Abstract].
  22. Report on PC Technical Graphics Packages. September 1993 UCSG Graphics Working Party [Abstract].
  23. The Exploitation of New Media for Text, Graphics, Images and Sound. November 1993 Rae Earnshaw and Alan Haigh [Abstract].
  24. Multimedia in Higher Education: Portability and Networking. Workshop report, December 1993 [Abstract].
  25. Desktop Video Review. March 1994 Husat Research Institute, Loughborough .
  26. IT in Art and Design - Case Studies .
  27. Survey of Virtual Reality Activity in the UK December 1994 Toby Howard et al.
  28. Supporting the Teaching of Computer Graphics, Visualization, Multimedia and Virtual Environments August 1996
  29. Multimedia Presentations Workshop Report April 1996
  30. Graphics on the WWW September 1996 Anne Mumford
  31. Strategies for the effective use of computer and communications technologies in Art & Design March 1997 Colin Beardon
  32. Managing, Delivering & Supporting Lecture Room Services for the Multimedia Age June 1997 Workshop Report
  33. Graphics, Visualization and the Social Sciences June 1997
  34. Evaluating Graphics Packages for PCs and the Apple Macintosh August 1997 M. D. Brown
  35. A Review of IBM PC and Macintosh Compatible Image Manipulation Software August 1997 Brian Boullier and Sue Gollifer
  36. 3D Model Databases: the availability of 3D models on the WWW June 1997 Patrick Costello and Simon Bee
  37. Health and Safety Issues Associated with VR: a review of current literature July 1997 Patrick Costello
  38. A Survey of Virtual Reality Research in the UK - 1997 by L.J. Stapleton and P.J. Costello.
  39. Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs on Windows NT March 1998 Mary Thorp and Steve Morgan

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