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Review of IDL

10. Additional Information

10.1 Availability

IDL is available direct form RSI. A version is available to download from their Web site ( This will run in a demonstration mode for 10 minutes. A student version is also available. This has most of the functionality of the full version with the exceptions that:

10.2 Online Resources

There is an active newsgroup, comp.lang.idl-pvwave discussing all aspects of IDL. The newsgroup is named to distinguish it from comp.lang.idl which is concerned with the other IDL, the Interface Definition Language.

There a large number of WWW sites containing IDL information and public-domain IDL functions and procedures. Two of the most useful site are:

10.3 Further Reading

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"Interpolation of Data on the Surface of a Sphere", R. Renka, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report ORNL/CSD-108, 1982

Review of Visualization Systems. Advisory Group on Computer Graphics Technical Report 1995.

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