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AGOCG Library: Update and Sample Information

Regular readers of G&V will need no reminding about AGOCG Library but there may be one or two new readers at this time of year who are unaware of its existence. The project was set up to try to capture all those hard-to-get computer-generated graphics. We now have over 250 animation clips which can be borrowed to illustrate various techniques and results. The index to the clips runs to over 30 pages when printed so only a few sample entries (from a search for entries with the string "visual") are re-produced below to whet your appetite. The full index is available in the file index.txt associated with the agocg-resources list on mailbase.

Speaking of mailbase, we would like to encourage as many people as possible to make use of the list to share their expertise (and pick the brains of colleagues!) on locating and using resources and in putting forward any ideas they might have on how the library should develop. We would also be interested to know how you use our material (and other material like it) and to hear about any resources you might like to offer for wider access.

You can join the list by sending the message: subscribe agocg resources to

Comments, hints, suggestions are also very welcome and can be sent to

Here is a sample of current titles from the Library - Reproduced by permission of IEEE Visualization '92:

Rendering surface-particles
Produced By Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
Credits: Dr Jarke van Wijk
Running Time 00:05:03
Tools: custom software
SunSparcstation IPC

A voxel-based forward projection algorithm for rendering surface and volumetric data
Produced By Hughes Training Inc.
Credits: John Wright, Julia Hsieh
Running Time 00:05:08

Flow visualization as a basic tool to investigate the dynamics and topology of jets
Produced By Naval Research Laboratory
Credits: Fernando Grinstein
U.R. Obeysekare, G. Patanaik
Running Time 00:05:29
Tools: ray tracing technique, AVS software

Using VIS-AD to visualize a cloud discrimination algorithm
Produced By William Hibbard
Credits: authors: William Hibbard, Charles Dyer, Brian Paul
Running Time 00:05:03
Tools: VIS-AD software; SGI 340 VGX hardware

Oceanography: visualization of sea floor structures through gravitational acceleration
Produced By San Diego Supercomputer Center
Credits: James J. McLeod
Running Time 00:03:27
Tools: Wavefront TAV; SDSC data translation code; SGI 4D/320 VGX

Visualization of high resolution three-dimensional nonlinear finite element element analysis: sand technology in DYNA 3D
Produced By LLNL
Credits: Mark Christon
Thomas Spelce
Running Time 00:02:46
Tools: SGI 4D/35; Video Framer; L VR/ LVS-5000; home grown software

Interactive visualization of large scalar voxel fields
Produced By Fraunhofer Institute fuer Graphische Datenverarbeitung
Credits: Georgios Sakas
Jochen Hartig
Running Time 00:05:10
Tools: InViVo rendering system developed by FhG-IGD; SGI 4D/380 VGX

Global climate visualization
Produced By LLNL
Credits: R. Crawfis, N. Max, G. Cronshagen, C. Anderson, D. Williams
Running Time 00:05:23
Tools: custom software

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