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Graphical CHEST Deals

Some information gleaned from the various CHEST mailing recently which might be of interest.

Micrografx Designer 4.1

Manchester is now in a position to distribute Micrografx Designer 4.1. The standard media for this upgrade is CD Rom (Cost 25.00), and this will include the full clip-art library of 10,000 pieces. This version carries an extensive on-line help facility and it is thought unlikely that sites will require printed documentation. However this will be made available in due course. Origin was one of the products recommended for a site licence deal when the UCSG's Graphics Working Party reviewed technical graphics packages. CHEST are working on a software agreement for this product.

CHEST are currently looking at various publishing and delivery packages. They have been collecting information on various products including Word Perfect's Envoy, Interleaf's product and Acrobat. If you have any views on these products and what the community should be doing in this area please contact CHEST.

If you have any views on what products CHEST should be looking you can mail these to: and join the list for subsequent discussions.

Anne Mumford