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Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications (SIMA)

This project is funded through the JISC New Technologies Initiative at Loughborough University and dovetails with AGOCG's other activities in the areas of graphics and visualization. The takeup for the output has been good and the first 3 reports are included in the first mailing. These are:

If you have not subscribed and want more information on doing so, please contact me at the address below.

SIMA WWW Workshop

A workshop on the topic of "WWW - a Strategic Tool for Higher Education" is being organised as part of the SIMA project. This will be a 2 day event in February and will provide a briefing for information managers on the first day and will be followed by discussions to develop guidelines and advice to information managers and to funding bodies. The workshop will recommend projects to be part of SIMA for the following year. Numbers on both days will be limited and anyone interested should email me for details. A full report will be produced by AGOCG and will be available in both paper and on-line forms.

Using IT in Art and Design - Case Studies

A series of case studies in the use of IT in art and design is being put together. A total of 18 case studies are being written and will be published as AGOCG Technical Report 26 during December. If you would like a copy please email Joanne Barradell or write to me. I am also trying to gather information about software used in art and design with the aim of working with the community and with CHEST to get some software licence agreements. If you have any information along these lines or ideas on what we should be looking at please let me know.

Collaborating Across the Network

I have been involved in the programme for the Universities and Colleges Software Group's Workshop on the theme of "Collaborating Across the Network" being held on 4th and 5th January 1995. Some of the projects funded through the AGOCG New Technologies Initiative project will be reporting. There will also be information about other JISC activities.


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Anne Mumford