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Khoros Software

AGOCG through the University of Manchester are members of the Khoros Consortium. This gives access to software and also to the Khoros modules for AVS. We joined for a second year in October 1994 and are now considering the budget for 1995/6 and whether we should join for a further year. We have access figures for the software collected from the ftp server. We would, however, like to know what use is made of the software. If you use this service please can you let me know. It makes sense for the community to join as a whole (the cost is $5000 per year) but only if people are making sufficient use of the service. Please get in touch if you use this facility.

Supporters Event

There will be a Supporters event to run on 1/2 May for graphics support staff. This has proved successful over the last 2 years. This gives people an opportunity to update themselves on technical matters, CHEST agreements, AGOCG activities etc. I would like to know any ideas people have for topics for the programme. Also any dates which should be avoided due to other events which might be of interest to people. I look forward to hearing from you.

Art and Design Case Studies

A series of 19 case studies have been commissioned which look at the use of IT in art and design in UK Higher Education. These cover a wide range of topics. The report is being produced as AGOCG Technical Report 26. Contact Joanne Barradell for a copy or write to me at the address on the back page of this Newsletter.

Evaluation of Visualization Software

AGOCG has commissioned an evaluation of visualization software. This will update the earlier work which was carried out by the same team. If you would like to ensure you receive a copy as soon as it is available please email Joanne Barradell for a copy or write to me at the address on the back page.

Graphics Output

Some time ago we did a flyer promoting output devices which people had at their sites which might be useful to others. This is where a site has some spare capacity. The devices included large format colour output, 35mm slides and video. We are now looking to mount up-to-date information on the Web site. The intention is to link facilities into a central page on the AGOCG server with your own home page (or relevant page). If you would like to promote a service at your site, please contact me.

Virtual Reality Activity

A survey of VR activity is reported in a new AGOCG Technical Report (No. 27). This survey was conducted by members of the Advanced Interfaces Group at the University of Manchester. Contact Joanne Barradell for a copy,

Anne Mumford