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Colour Displays and Printers

An Industrial Short Course on "Colour Displays and Printers: Science, Technology, and Applications" Organised by the University of Derby, UK, 14-17 March 1995

The growth of computer-controlled colour output devices (including colour monitors and printers) has been both rapid and prolific. These devices are utilised in almost every branch of industry and commerce. In the future, we can expect all computer system configurations to incorporate such devices. However, new opportunities also present new problems. Amongst these are: What are the "best" colours to use? What are the colour requirements for a particular application? What standards should be adopted? How can we achieve colour fidelity across monitors and printers?

This four-day short course will provide insight and answers to these questions. It is divided into seven modules:

Twenty-four lectures will be given by colour, display and printer experts from industry and academia. Basic course notes will be provided. In addition, a textbook, 'Measuring Colour' (second edition) by R W G Hunt, will be included for those to attend the full course.

For further information contact Dr Ronnier Luo at the below address.

Dr Ronnier Luo
Design Research Centre
University of Derby
Britannia Mill
Mackworth Road
DE22 3BL
Tel: +44 1332 622222
Fax: +44 1332 622218