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AGOCG Review of Visualization systems


One of the responsibilities of the UK Advisory Group on Computer Graphics (AGOCG) is to stimulate and support the effective use of computer based visualization.

AGOCG therefore requested the Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils and the Universities of Leeds and Manchester and Natural Environment Research Council Computing Services (Keyworth) to conduct a review of visualization software, to help potential and actual users make effective choices.

The purpose of the work is therefore to review the current market for visualization software as it exists in the UK and to provide information to the UK Academic community for its visualization needs.

The following systems were reviewed (listed in alphabetical order):

The people involved with the review have produced a report containing information on all the above systems.

Obtaining the report

The WWW page contains information on obtaining or ordering the report:

Electronic version

It is available on line as postscript (17 Mbytes) via anonymous FTP ( under the directory /pub/agocg/reports ( If you have any problems with this large postscript file then the same report has been split into five smaller files called

Paper copy

A paper version of the report may be ordered using the email form:

More information about AGOCG

You can find more information about AGOGC and its activities on the AGOCG WWW server's home page:

Steve Larkin