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Template Graphics Software Appoints NAG as Master Distributor TGS 2D/3D Graphics Software to join NAG Math and Visualization Products.

Oxford, United Kingdom. December 15, 1994. The Numerical Algorithms Group Limited (NAG) has been appointed as master distributor for the full line of products from Template Graphics Software, Inc. (TGS) of San Diego, CA. Under the terms of the agreement between the two companies, NAG will market, sell and distribute TGS software products worldwide, excluding the United States, Canada and Japan. The agreement provides TGS with a master distributor for their overseas markets and completes the NAG graphics product portfolio, which now spans 2D data representation to very high end 3D visualization software.

"The agreement with TGS completes our range of graphics and visualization software", said Brian Ford, Director of NAG, "NAG is now able to deliver superior solutions to customers in the competitive numerical analysis and data visualization markets. Our existing relationship with Silicon Graphics to sell IRIS Explore (tm) is enhanced through TGS's OpenGL and Open Inventor products, and we look forward to better serving our mutual customers with powerful, integrated solutions".

TGS has been a premier graphics software tools vendor since 1982, and provides solutions to software developers who need to integrate 2D and 3D graphics into portable applications. The TGS product line includes FIGraph, FIGARO+, and OpenGL and Open Inventor, all of which are available on many different hardware systems, including Sun, HP, DEC, SGI and IBM workstations.

FIGraph, a two call 2D/3D charting system, is used by FORTRAN and C developers to quickly generate line, bar, pie and contour graphs. FIGraph is a high performance charting system that is used to represent complex engineering, scientific and business data sets. While FIGraph is available in support of graphics terminal and IBM mainframe devices, it is particularly well integrated into the X Window System.

FIGARO+, the world's leading crossplatform ANSI/ISO PHIGS+ product, is used to develop graphics applications in CAD/CAM, aerospace, military and industrial markets. FIGARO+ is a complete PHIGS+ development system for all workstation, mainframe, supercomputer and Windows NT systems.

The FIGARO+ portfolio includes:

FIGARO+ is a PHIGS+ superset, incorporating immediate mode and quick update methods into dynamic and interactive 2D and 3D applications.

TGS is a source licensee of OpenGL and Open Inventor from Silicon Graphics Inc, and is providing these products on non-SGI platforms. OpenGL is a software interface used to develop 3D applications in simulations, animation and virtual reality markets: Open Inventor is a C++ 3D authoring system that is layered upon OpenGL. NAG licences IRIS Explorer, a sophisticated data visualization application built with Open Inventor, from Silicon Graphics Inc, making the TGS/NAG relationship particularly powerful. "As a worldwide leader in graphics tools, TGS has a long commitment to our overseas customers," said Terry Baker, president of Template Graphics Software. "We have selected NAG as our primary distributor in order to enhance our presence in these markets and to use their established reputation in scientific and engineering organisations to increase our success. Our charting products, combined with NAG mathematical software, and our OpenGL products, combined with NAG's Explorer products, make us powerful partners in growing market segments".

NAG have over 20 years experience in developing, porting, distributing and supporting scientific software. NAG is a not-for-profit organisation which supplies a range of compilers, tools, software libraries and associated products for the professional programmer and for educational and industrial use. NAG Ltd is based in Oxford, UK, with subsidiary companies in Chicago, Munich and Tokyo as well as distributors worldwide.

TGS produces open systems based software tools for application developers of Fortune 500, government, independent software vendors (ISV), and academic and research organizations. TGS has offered standards-based graphics tools since 1982 and is the leading independent software supplier of cross-platform graphics tools based upon PHIGS+, OpenGL and Open Inventor. Template Graphics Software, head quartered in San Diego, California, is a member of the ANSI/ISO graphics committees and the OpenGL Advisory Forum, and is active in establishing new standards and directions for computer graphics technologies. The TGS logo and FIGARO+ are trademarks of Template Graphics Software, Inc, Silicon Graphics and the Silicon Graphics logo are registered trademarks and IRIS Explorer, OpenGL and Open Inventor are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective companies.

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