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The Editor is Moving!

From 1 September 1995 I will be moving from the University of Leeds to take up the Chair in the Electronic Imaging and Media Communications Unit at the University of Bradford. I will be taking over from Professor David Howson, who is retiring. The department has strong multidisciplinary links with the National Museum of Photography, Film and TV (the Imax Theatre) and the Art and Design Faculty in the Bradford and Ilkley Community College. There is a strong undergraduate and PhD programme. Undergraduate degrees are offered in:

Any reader - student, postgraduate, researcher who may be interested can obtain further information as follows:

Paula Dale

Postgraduate Research:
Roger Green

From 1 September, please send all articles for the Graphics & Visualization Newsletter to
My new address is:

Prof R A Earnshaw
Electronic Imaging and Media Communications Unit (EIMC)
University of Bradford, Bradford BD7 1DP

Rae Earnshaw