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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

During the last month AGOCG has had meetings with NAG and AVS/Uniras who are 2 major suppliers of graphics and visualization software to the community. We discussed the strategic directions of the companies and the way that their software provided a range of solutions. Support for the community for some of the more complex and less widely used software was discussed in the light of the end of the Visualization Support Officer post. This is a concern clearly shared by people in the community and we hope that we have got the level of support you need through the email support being offered through the University of Manchester and various training materials. We would welcome your views on this issue.

We also want to work with suppliers to develop training materials where these are needed. At the meeting we held we did discuss a number of possibilities, for example materials for Explorer and for GSharp. Again, your views on the training materials you need for software from these and other suppliers would be of value.

Another issue which I want to look at soon is that of software evaluations. This was discussed at the meeting of Graphics Support Staff in May. Possibilities include public domain software, photo retouch software (mentioned in the last newsletter) and PC scientific graphics. The latter may have been overtaken by some improved offers relating to software evaluated a year ago by the UCSG graphics working party and reported in Technical Report 22. Are there other areas that we should be looking at?

AGOCG is always open to your comments and suggestions on activities within its remit which covers computer graphics, visualization and multimedia.

Please contact me if you would like me to put anything to AGOCG. Our next 2 meetings are scheduled for 20 September 1995 and 14 December 1995.

Have you checked out the AGOCG WWW pages yet? These are at We are currently reviewing it. Any comments?

Finally, some personal news readers might be interested to know my husband John and I are adopting 3 children. Helen (age 9), Andrew (7) and Mark (5) who are brothers/sister from Birmingham. It should make for an interesting and (even more) busy life!

Anne Mumford