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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

At the last AGOCG meeting we had some considerable discussion on the topics of software evaluations and training materials. We would very much welcome your comments on these topics.

Software Evaluations

Software evaluations will be affected by the fact that the Universities and Colleges Software Group have stood down their Graphics Working Party. This has been chaired by Steve Morgan for the last 5 years and I would like to note the appreciation of the community for Steve's work. AGOCG and the Graphics Working Party have worked well together over the years through Steve and Chris Whitaker before him.

Although we have seen recent offers for scientific graphics software on PCs, this remains an area of ongoing interest where we need regular updates and briefings for the community. I would welcome comments from people on how we are to achieve this. Do we want full blown evaluations every so often (how often?) or do we want someone to play a watching role and to advise AGOCG when the market place has changed sufficiently that a full evaluation is appropriate?We also need to position new products, such as GSharp from Uniras, into the portfolio of products.

CHEST Information

CHEST have been working with suppliers to improve prices for Adobe products and for products on the Macintosh platform. See the CHEST pages on the NISS Information Server. Visual Numerics has agreed that CHEST can provide an evaluation copy of Stanford Graphics for a period of 30 days to any site which would like to see the product before placing an order. Unfortunately, CHEST only have one copy to give out, so you will have to take your turn!

Training Materials

We have approved a project to produce training materials for Macromedia Director. We are also going to look at the current status of Uniras materials, in particular materials needed for GSharp, and will fund work in this area. When the new version of VISILOG comes out we will get the training materials updated. We would welcome a proposal to update the ERDAS training materials. If you are interested in getting involved in these projects, or if you have other suggestions as to areas where training materials can be most effectively produced at a national level, please contact me.


As reported in the last Newsletter, AGOCG have met with NAG. As a result of this meeting, Robert Iles agreed to provide AGOCG with a briefing paper on Open Inventor, VRML and Related Technologies. This paper is included in this issue.

Anne Mumford