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Graphics Co-ordinators Report

This article updates you on some current projects which are underway. Later in this issue, I have summarised the SIMA (Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications) projects which have recently been approved. These will provide an excellent continuation of the work carried out in the first 18 months of the project which led to 14 reports being produced. The 14 projects were selected from a set of very good submissions to AGOCG and with limited funds we could only support a relatively small number. The projects were chosen from a total of 51 proposals from 35 sites. If you do not subscribe to SIMA (only 50 for UK Higher Education (HE) for all the reports) then get in touch and I will send you an application form.

Colour Slide Set

Lindsay MacDonald is extending his slide set on the topic of colour in computer graphics and producing a second set of slides. Both sets will also be made available on PhotoCD with a viewer as well as being available as 35mm slides.

CTI Centre for Art and Design

I chaired a meeting to discuss the requirements for a CTI (Computers in Teaching Initiative of the Funding councils) Centre for Art and Design. This led to a paper which has been approved by the TLTP Advisory Group. An invitation to bid has gone out to sites and it is hoped that the Centre can be commissioned in summer 1996. This involvement has been part of ongoing discussions with people in art and design as to how the centrally funded initiatives for IT through the Funding Councils Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) can be taken up by this subject area. Other AGOCG activities have included trying to ensure better prices for software through CHEST and supporting CADE (Computers in Art and Design Education) in its newsletter and workshops programme following the successful CADE '95 Conference held in Brighton at Easter.

AGOCG Events for 1996

AGOCG have agreed that there will be the following events during 1996: Video Conferencing Demonstration; Graphics Supporters Event (possibly including a software show); Computer Graphics Curriculum Workshop. Look out for promotions of these.

JISC Joins W3C

JISC has become a member of the WWW Consortium (W3C). This entitles JISC to representation at meetings and involvement in decisions about directions. Chris Lilley ( is to be the representative for the next year. Chris will be setting up ways of people inputting information through him and for him to let people in HE know what is going on.

Other Things to Look Out For

Other developments which are currently underway include: a review of public domain graphics user interface tools (being funded directly via JISC); a Tcl/TK cookbook; and a review of rendering software.


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Anne Mumford