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EPSRC Multimedia and Networking Applications Programme

As part of a general action in High Performance Networking, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is supporting a managed programme in the area of multimedia and networking applications (MNA). The MNA Programme started in 1995 with the first of five intended annual calls for proposals against a total EPSRC budget of 5.5Million.

Each call is open to proposals addressing the full range of research issues covered by the overall Programme, but each call is also focused on a specific topic. The focus of this second call is the mobility of both computers and users, and it is intended that at least half the projects funded will address this topic. The closing date for receipt of proposals will be 13 May 1996. Preference will be given to projects which are collaborative between academia and industry.

The complete call for proposals, and details of the proposal submission procedure can be obtained from /

Further guidance about the suitability of a proposal for this programme may be obtained from the programme coordinator:
Michael Wilson
Fax : +44 1235 446619

Mike Wilson