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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

The main roles of AGOCG are training and awareness and the majority of our activities relate to these. Our aim is to take on activities which can be carried out most effectively with central co-ordination. Evaluations of software, development of training materials, reports on areas of technology and workshops are all typical of the kind of work we instigate. I am employed to co-ordinate the programme and Sue Cunningham to support the use of multimedia. Apart from Sue and me all other activity is carried out as a result of commissioning small projects, usually costing between 1000 and 7000.

We are looking to put together a programme of activities for 1996/7 and I would like to invite you to make suggestions as to what needs doing or to make a proposal to do a project. Proposals may be made to me by email or post and should be with me for consideration at either our June meeting (deadline 31 May) or our September meeting (deadline 23 August).

Here are some guidelines to help you in putting together a proposal:

Computers in Art and Design

Education I have just been "reading" a copy of the CD-Rom proceedings of the CADE '95 conference. This is an expanded version of the printed and WWW version of the papers. It includes movie interviews with keynote speakers, the proceedings containing 74 papers as well as reports of workshops, tutorials and the postgrads session. It also includes a digital version of the ArCade exhibition. Altogether a CD which hits the visual senses! It is available for Apple Macs. See the CADE WWW pages for details of ordering as well as the HTML version of the proceedings: /CADE/

SIMA Reports

The Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications (SIMA) continues to provide important reports for the community. At #50 for 2 years subscription, it is a bargain not to be missed - contact me for a subscription form.

Anne Mumford