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Computer Animation '96, 3-5 June 1996 Geneva, Switzerland
CG International '96, 24-28 June 1996 Pohang, Korea
IEEE, Multimedia in Education, 3-5 July 1996 Melbourne, Australia
HCI'96, 20-23 August 1996 London, UK
SIGGRAPH '96, 4-9 August 1996 New Orleans, USA
Eurographics '96, 26-30 August 1996 Poitiers, France
Multimedia Technology, 11-14 December 1996 Hong Kong

More details about these conferences can be found at /diary/

For details of other multimedia related conferences see: /SIMA/conferences.html /events/compevent.html

If you don't have Web access, let me know which conferences you are interested in and I will post details.

Other lists

Here are some details of other mailbase lists which you may find useful. To join a list send a message to
join listname your name as the only text of the message, e.g. join lis-multimedia Fred Bloggs


This maillist is designed to be a forum for discussion on multimedia applications in libraries. It will cover the software, hardware, platforms and equipment used, the LIS applications being developed, and user responses to the completed products.


cti-comp-mat is for the use of those interested in the teaching of Multimedia and Authoring Tools. The list was set up by the CTI Centre for Computing at the University of Ulster to provide an electronic forum where information can be exchanged. A World Wide Web (WWW) site has also been set up at: .uk/misc/cticomp/index.html


ToolBook User Group - A forum for the transfer of practical skills between both technical and non-technical users of the Asymetrix ToolBook authoring system. It is a SIG of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) open to both ALT members and non-members. Contact:


GUIDE is Authoring Software from OWL International, made available to the Higher Education Community under a CHEST Agreement. It was chosen to meet the needs of the JISC's Training Initiative. The list is a forum for technical discussion on issues related to Guide and will not necessarily be read by CHEST.


For information about the Microcosm hypermedia system made available to the HE/FE Community under a CHEST Site licence Agreement with MLS Technology. The list is for technical discussion and should not be used to report problems as it will not necessarily be read by CHEST or MLS Technology.


This list is intended as an information dissemination and discussion point for the Scholar's Workstation Project. The aim of the project is to provide a single, cross-platform user environment for academics utilising the power and flexibility of the WWW.


Hyperjournal-forum is concerned with all aspects of the production of electronic journals, especially those publishing in a hypermedia format using the WWW.

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