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The 1995 Survey of Virtual Reality Activity in the UK

The survey produced by the Advanced Interfaces Group at the University of Manchester is now available online at: /SIMA/vr/title.html

This report presents a summary of the findings of a survey of current work on Virtual Reality (VR) in the UK, conducted between March and November 1995.

The report covers the types of VR being researched or developed, hardware and software used, funding, perceived benefits of VR etc. It also provides full details for all respondents in the survey, and a list of resources to support VR workers. This repot is available in printed form as AGOCG Technical Report 27 from:

Dr A M Mumford
Computing Services
Loughborough University

VRML in Art and Design in Higher Education

by Neil Ashdown is now available online at: /SIMA/vrart/title.html

This report has been written primarily with the requirements of potential VRML users in art and design higher education in mind. However, it should be of interest to people outside this sector as well. It is assumed that the reader is acquainted with some of the terminology and basic concepts of the WWW and 3D computer graphics. The aims of the report are as follows:

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