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3D and Multimedia on Internet, WWW and Networks

16-18 April 1996

Over 200 people attended the Conference held in the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television and co-chaired by Professor John Vince, Huw Jones, Roy Middleton and Professor Rae Earnshaw. It was great to see such an excellent venue utilised to the full. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor David Johns, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brenda Costall, welcomed the delegates to the Conference and to Bradford.

We have analysed the Conference Evaluation Forms and they confirm the informal feedback we have already received - that this was one of the best conferences many people had attended, with good papers and excellent presentations. The facilities of Pictureville and the Museum were much appreciated by the delegates. The A/V support was first class.

The Pre-Conference Banquet was held in the Museum and was attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Invited Speakers, Co-Chairs, members of the Industrial Advisory Board, and guests. It was an excellent occasion with some scintillating speeches. We express our thanks and appreciation to Silicon Graphics, Academic Press and Androme for sponsoring the Banquet.

All delegates were invited to a special Conference screening of "Survival Island" in the IMAX Theatre on Wednesday evening. This film was produced by Sir Richard Attenborough.

It was agreed that because the topic area was so exciting and of great interest to many people, we should have a further conference on a similar theme next year. This will be held 15-17 April 1997 and the Museum is delighted to host the event once again. The theme will be Virtual Environments on the Internet, WWW and Networks. The Call for Papers was issued at theconference and is summarised below in conferences and Meetings Notices.

The Co-Chairs would like to express their thanks and appreciation to all those who assisted with the Conference and to Amanda Nevill, Tony Sweeney and the Museum for their generous hospitality and assistance with the Conference arrangements.

Rae Earnshaw