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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

Potential of VR for UK HE

The full report of this workshop and a flyer with the Executive Summary and Recommendations is available from me (published as SIMA Report 19). The survey of UK activity in the area of Virtual Environments is available as AGOCG Technical Report 27. These are also available on the AGOCG WWW site:

AGOCG considered the recommendations of the workshop at a recent meeting and the following activities are planned:

Software Evaluations and Price Agreements

A report is being written by Nick Avis on software tools (contact me for a copy or see the World Wide Web (WWW) pages for details). We will follow this up with further work as required and will also discuss getting better software prices with CHEST. If you are keen to see a particular form of licensing arrangement for software then let me know.

Model Databases

Information on model databases which are available on the network or from companies need to be collected and made available. We will be looking to conduct a survey on this topic. If you are interested 1in doing this please contact me for more details.

Keeping People Informed

This is a major role for AGOCG and we will be looking to brief people on courses being run and reports which are available. Where there are gaps then we will be looking to plug them. If you have not already seen the UK VR-SIG pages then look at:
A tutorial on VRML was given at the EG UK Conference and it is intended to put the notes up on WWW, see:

We will also be looking to assist in the promotion of projects in this area, particularly those funded through the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC).

Case Studies

AGOCG are intending to develop a series of reports illustrating examples of the use of virtual environments in teaching and research. If you would like to offer a case study then please contact me for details.

We will be considering proposals in this area at our September meeting so any suggestions for projects would need to be with me in late August. Contact me now if you would like further details.


We will be ensuring that the community gets briefed on standards and that the community is involved in the key standards developments.

There is a lot of interest in VRML at the moment and we will ensure full briefing for the community on developments.

Anne Mumford