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Free Modeller with Ray-Tracing

The svLis solid modeller now includes a ray-tracer and is available free. svLis makes the robustness of a full-strength CSG solid modeller accessible as a kernel through a well-defined C++ API. Features include excellent performance on large models, non-manifold models, user-defined primitives, and attributes with inheritance.

An inbuilt faceter converts CSG models to polygons for display. Now, we have added a full ray-tracing renderer, working directly on the CSG and supporting a wide range of effects, including multiple lights, refraction, translucency, fog, etc.

In order to build up the user-base for later releases of svLis, we are offering 1996/97 leases for svLis *without charge*, and making Sun, SGI, Windows and Linux versions freely available by FTP. For full details, please see the svLis WWW home page

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