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Colour in Computer Graphics

35mm Slides and PhotoCD

An important new resource is now available for anyone interested in learning or teaching the principles of colour in computer graphics and digital imaging. It consists of 108 high quality 35mm colour transparencies, together with a 52 page set of lecture notes. The same images are also published on a professionally mastered PhotoCD disk.

The slides are organised into nine modules of twelve slides each, as follows:

1A Slides 1-12
Human Colour Vision

1B Slides 13-24
Colour Modelling and Specification

1C Slides 25-36
Using Colour Effectively in Displays

2A Slides 37-48
Light and Reflective Media

2B Slides 49-60
Colour in Art and Design

2C Slides 61-72
Psychology and Perception

3A Slides 73-84
Displays and Colour Coding

3B Slides 85-96
Printing and Reproduction

3C Slides 97-108
Human-Computer Interface

The material has been carefully prepared by Prof Lindsay MacDonald of MacColour Limited and subjected to expert academic review to guarantee accuracy and high quality throughout. The first set of slides formed an earlier slideset and anyone who wishes to upgrade their set rather than taking all the slides should contact the people named below.

The publication was commissioned by the UK Advisory Group on Computer Graphics (AGOCG).


UK Higher Educational Institutions
£150 for set of 108 35mm slides plus notes

£95 for PhotoCD plus notes

£225 for slides, PhotoCD and notes combined

Sales enquiries and orders (please send a purchase order) from within the United Kingdom should be directed to:

Mrs J T Barradell
Computing Services
Loughborough University
Leics LE11 3TU

Sales enquiries and orders from outside the United Kingdom should be directed to:

Slide Orders
MacColour Limited
6 Hatherley Road
Glos GL51 6DZ