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Graphics Co-ordinators Report

IT Strategies for Art & Design

Colin Beardon from the University of Plymouth has produced a report on "Strategies for the Effective use of Computers and Communications in Art and Design" (AGOCG Report 31). It consists of an assessment of the current situation for departments and individuals in those departments and discusses strategic options for the next three to five years. This report is available from me.

Computers in Art & Design Education (CADE)

AGOCG supported the CADE organisation in pump priming its newsletter and in using the organisation as a means to contact and inform the art and design community about the activities of JISC in general and AGOCG in particular. CADE is now well established and has just held its second conference. A new journal "Digital Creativity" has been launched and the CTI Centre for Art and Design provides a newsletter which complements this.

VRML 2.0

AGOCG are putting in place a survey of VRML tools. This will update the report of Neil Ashdown from Manchester Metropolitan University which reported on VRML 1.0. The survey will take place over the summer. Any experiences, both good and bad would be useful - please contact me with any information.

Software Evaluation

We are commissioning a comparison of the UNIRAS, IDL and PV Wave software packages as we know a number of sites are currently looking at the packages they support in this area.

Digital Capture of Images

Building on the two SIMA reports on digital capture of images, AGOCG has commissioned the University of Bristol to provide guidance and materials for use in locally delivered workshops on image preparation and incorporation of these into multimedia materials. A pilot workshop will also be run and will be promoted through AGOCG e-mail lists. This ties in with the service Bristol are running to provide JISC with a Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI).

On-line Support

AGOCG have been keen to promote the JISC funded Mailbase service and to use this as a means of exchanging information and also for supporting people in their use of graphics, visualization, multimedia and VR. In this we have had people acting as monitors of mailbase lists and web pages who are asked to input information and answer questions. We have had some success and will be discussing this issue at a future meeting and to plan for next year. I would welcome input about your needs for on-line support and information within the areas of interest to AGOCG. How can we help?

Anne Mumford