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The Fourth UK VR-SIG Conference

1 November 1997
Brunel University, UK

Further information on the conference is available on the World Wide Web at the UK VR-SIG's web server at


1 - 3 November 1997

Fernando Manuel Bernardo Pereira, PhD
Professor Instituto Superior Tecnico
Av Rovisco Pais, 1096 Lisboa Cdx

Tel: +351 1 8418460
Fax: +351 1 8418472

CSG 98

1 - 3 April 1998
Royal Hotel, Winchester, UK

Set-theoretic Solid Modelling: Techniques and Applications

Call for Papers

Ralph Martin, Alexander Pasko

For up-to-date information, please see our WWW site:

or e-mail


9 - 13 February 1998
University of West Bohemia

The Fifth International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics and Visualization 98 in cooperation with IFIP working group 5.10 on Computer Graphics and Virtual Worlds

Conference Chairs:

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, MIRALab-CUI, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Vaclav Skala, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Preliminary registration:

Vaclav Skala
Tel: +420 19 2171 188
subj.: WSCG

EPSRC Visualization and Virtual Environments Community Club

"Real-Time Computer Graphics for Virtual Environments"

18 December 1997
University College, London

Full programme is at: Chair: Prof Mel Slater, UCL Abstracts of all the following presentations are contained on the Web at -"speakersurname.html"

Invited Presentations:

"UNC's Across-the-Board Attack on Virtual Environment Challenges" Prof Frederick P Brooks, Kenan Professor of Computer Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

"Graphics and Interaction in Collaborative Virtual Environments" Prof Mel Slater, Dr Y Chrysanthou, Dr A Steed University College, London

"Modifiable Virtual Environments" Prof Phil Willis, Multimedia Technology Research Centre University of Bath

"Reliability versus Congestion and Latency Control Support in Protocols for Large Scale Virtual Environments" Prof Jon Crowcroft, University College, London

"Network-based Virtual Environments for Interactive Television" Prof Rae Earnshaw, EIMC, University of Bradford

"Interaction and Navigation in Large Scale Virtual Environments" Dr Roger Hubbold, University of Manchester

"Seeing on Top of the World" Prof Steven K Feiner, Columbia University, USA

British Computer Society

21 - 23 April 1998
National Museum of Photography
Film & Television
Bradford, UK

Call for Submissions

Television and Broadcasting on the Internet, Wed and Networks

The British Computer Society Computer Graphics & Displays Group will hold an international two day meeting on this theme to take place in the UK, 14 - 16 April 1998. A book based on, but not restricted to, papers presented at the event will be published after the meeting. There is a lot of current interest in the convergence of computing, telecommunications, television and broadcasting. Media organisations can put their information on network servers and periodically update it. Users download what they are interested in. Tools and techniques for accessing, interacting with, and displaying, media information are on the increase. Strategies for overcoming bandwidth limitations are needed.

Topics to be covered may include (but are not limited to) the following:

Other areas of interest will also be considered by the editors. Selection of papers for presentation at the meeting will be by invitation or by review of abstracts. Chapters for the book will be selected by review of full papers. Initial interest should be expressed by contacting the Co-Chairs at the addresses given below with three paper copies or one e-mail copy of an abstract giving a title, a description of the paper content, the name(s) and affiliation(s) of author(s), a contact address (e-mail and/or postal), telephone and/or FAX number. If a paper is accepted for the meeting, one of the authors will be expected to attend to present it. In this case, conference fees will be waived for the presenter.

Important dates

Receipt of abstracts
1 November 1997 Agreement on draft programme
(Notifications to authors)

1 December 1997 Final programme confirmation
15 January 1998 Receipt of papers for meeting
1 February 1998 Receipt of final papers for book
(Illustrations and electronic text)

1 April 1998 Meeting (2 days during)
21 - 23 April 1998 Acceptance of final book format
30 April 1998

The meeting will be preceded by two days of courses and an exhibition will be mounted to run concurrently with the programme. Course Proposals are also invited. The event will take place at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford, UK.

Co-Chairs Contact Addresses:

Please send all submissions to the first named person below. Queries can be addressed to any of the Co-Chairs.

Prof R A Earnshaw
Electronic Imaging and Media Communications
University of Bradford
Tel: +44-(0)1274 384001
Fax: +44 (0)1274 383727

Prof Huw Jones
Centre for Electronic Arts
Middlesex University
Cat Hill
Prof John A Vince
Virtual Reality Society
PO Box 316
Haywards Heath
West Sussex RH117 5YA
Tel: +44 (0)1444 414792
Fax: +44 (0)1444 414792

Roy Middleton
University of Edinburgh
The Kings Buildings
Mayfield Road
Tel: +44 (0)131 650 4994
Fax: +44 (0)131 650 6552

EURO-VR Mini-Conference '97

10 - 11 November 1997
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call for Papers

European mini-conference on virtual reality applied to the exploration of complex data.

Contact Address

K Klerkx
Bureau HPCN
Appelweg 16
3818 NN Amersfoort
postbox 1179
3800 BD Amersfoort
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 33 4220 230
Fax: +31 33 4220 231


25 - 28 October 1998

"Complexity and Fractals in the Sciences" 5th International Multidisciplinary Conference 1st Call for Papers

Submission deadline:
30 January 1998

The latest information is available on :

Please submit your paper to:

Dr Miroslav M Novak
School of Physics
Kingston University
Surrey KT1 2EE

Tel: +44 181 547 7481
Fax: +44 181 547 7562

Eurographics UK Conference

25 - 27 March 1998
University of Leeds, UK

Conference Themes

Papers are invited which broadly follow the conference themes. They may be full papers describing completed or advanced work for refereeing or may report on work in progress.

The deadline for submissions is 13 November

Conference Programme Organiser:

Helen Morphet,
Manchester Visualization Centre,
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road,
M13 9PL, UK

Conference Local Organiser:

Dr. Ken Brodlie,
School of Computer Studies,
University of Leeds, Leeds

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