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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

Computing Suppliers Federation Booklets

I have obtained copies of two excellent booklets from the Computing Suppliers Federation. "Monitors Matter" is now in its third edition. This is a guide to technical, ergonomic and legal aspects relating to monitors. Monitors do matter because it is the main way most people communicate with their computer and through that to the world. The number of hours most of us spend in front of them is growing and there are health and legal concerns. This booklet is accompanied by some software which can be downloaded from the CSF WWW pages:

"Investing in Design Technology" is also a booklet supported by industry representatives. The guide discusses the importance of design technology and makes the business case for investment.

Both are interesting and well produced publications. To obtain copies of either or both free of charge for UK Higher Education through AGOCG please email your postal address to Joanne Barradell,

Visualization & the Social Sciences

We are pleased to report the support of the ESRC in the AGOCG programme to address the use of graphics and visualization in the social sciences. The grant of 20,000 supplements the contribution of JISC to this AGOCG programme. The projects being funded include case studies, software evaluation and a review of the field.

Lecture Room Services

Case studies on the management, delivery and support of teaching facilities are underway and will report in the spring.

Digitizing Images and Video

JISC are involved in a digitization programme for images which has been reported through this newsletter over the last year. The experience of this will be beneficial to UK Higher Education and will be disseminated through the JISC Technical Advisory Service on Images based at the University of Bristol, see:

A recent announcement also described some new work to digitize film and video. This work is being carried forward by the British Universities Film and Video Council on behalf of JISC in conjunction with the British Film Institute.

Colour Slide Sets

The colour slide set (available on CD and on 35mm slides) is proving popular and has been well received. Thumbnails of the slides can be seen on the MacColour WWW pages:

Anne Mumford