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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

VR Reports

We have three new reports out as a result of the VR project being funded through the JISC Technology Applications Programme (JTAP). These are:
36 3D Model Databases: the availability of 3D Models on the WWW - Pat Costello & Simon Bee
37 Health and Safety Issues associated with VR: a Review of Current Literature - Pat Costello
38 A Survey of VR Research in the UK - Lenny Stapleton & Pat Costello

To obtain a copy please e-mail Joanne Barradell at:

Visualization and the Social Sciences

We now have in place a number of projects which will report on case studies within the social sciences. These reflect a small set of detailed activities and these will be complemented by overview material and a state-of-the-art report. I hope that the case studies will be available soon after the next edition of this newsletter is published (around May) and that by the summer we will have a state-of-the-art survey available as well.

Lecture Room Services

Managing, delivering and supporting lecture room services was a theme for an AGOCG workshop in April 1997 (written up in AGOCG report 32). As a result of this we have commissioned 9 case studies of experience and good practice in this service area and these will be edited by Sue Cunningham, the AGOCG Multimedia Support Officer. They should be available in May.

Readers may be interested to see the information which Sue Cunningham has put up on the AGOCG WWW pages relating to issues of interest to audio visual and media services. They can be found through the AGOCG home page:

Graphics Mailbase Lists

There has been some rationalisation of the various mailbase lists with new lists agocg-jobs and agocg-events being set up with the (hopefully obvious) remits.

Digital Images for Multimedia Presentations

A project funded at the University of Bristol through AGOCG to create a set of guidelines and instructions for the effective use, preparation and integration of still images within electronic documents has been completed. The work of Jane Williams and Alan Lock can be seen at:

Anne Mumford