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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

Workshop: Advanced Visualization & Virtual Reality in the Social Sciences

This workshop is being held on 9 - 11 September at Weetwood Hall, Leeds. The workshop will build on the very successful AGOCG Workshop held in 1997 and has 4 main objectives:

This workshop is jointly supported by JISC through AGOCG and the ESRC.

Please contact me if you would like more details, we are seeking input papers to reflect the wide range of subjects incorporated within the social sciences.

If you would like a copy of the report of the first workshop please e-mail Joanne Barradell requesting AGOCG Report 33 at:

Graphing Packages for NT

A report, funded by AGOCG, has been published which compares several graphing packages available for Windows NT. The packages considered were Deltagraph, Origin and Sigmaplot. A comparison with Stanford Graphics (not available in 32 bit edition) was also included. The report will be useful for those considering support of graphing on Windows NT services. The report was written by Mary Thorp and Steve Morgan at the University of Liverpool and is available at:

Deltagraph Tutorial

An online tutorial for Deltagraph has been developed at the University of Edinburgh. This will be available through the AGOCG Web pages.

Other Training Materials

An IRIS Explorer tutorial for Windows NT is being developed by Helen Wright at the University of Hull. A Web version of the Lingo Training Materials is also being developed. Watch the AGOCG Web pages for links to these.


Have you got a copy of the SIMA CD containing all the SIMA reports? Contact me or Sue Cunningham if you would like one.

Anne Mumford