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Graphics Co-ordinator's Report

The Way Ahead

As readers will know, the funding for AGOCG from JISC will end on 31 July this year. There are some projects which will run up to the end date, and some slightly beyond and as a result AGOCG have been planning a dissemination strategy to ensure that all projects are properly promoted.

I am sure you will be pleased to hear that Sue Cunningham is to continue in post to conduct this dissemination phase. Sue will focus on two key areas of work which have been undertaken during the year, that is "Visualization in the Social Sciences" and "Lecture Room Services for the Multimedia Age". More of this below.

I am also pleased to report that EPSRC will continue their co-funding for the Graphics and Visualization Newsletter which will continue until the February issue and Rae Earnshaw has kindly agreed to continue as Editor.

We are looking to ensure long term support for materials which have life beyond the AGOCG programme and will be working hard to find homes for resources and to archive reports as appropriate.

Visualization & the Social Sciences

A workshop is being held in early September to look at the use of visualization and VR in the social sciences. This will build on some project work which has resulted in a series of case studies, a review of software and a state of the art report. The output will be made available in both online and paper forms for both the workshop and for the various reports.

Lecture Room Services

There is a great deal of information on the AGOCG WWW pages relating to the use of multimedia within teaching and learning. This includes a series of case studies on the use of lecture rooms in the multimedia age. Paper versions of this will be available.

See and contact Joanne Barradell for a paper copy of the case studies:

SIGGRAPH Education Site

AGOCG now has a mirror of the SIGGRAPH site, see our WWW pages.


Do you know that there is an information centre, funded by JISC through AGOCG which provides up to date information and summary reports? Check this out!

IRIS Explorer Training Materials

These are now available on the WWW site.

Anne Mumford