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Anne Mumford to Take Up New Post

Dr Anne Mumford, who held the post of Co-ordinator for AGOCG from 1989 until recently, has been appointed as Director of Audio Visual Services at Loughborough University from 1 January 1999. Audio Visual Services has a number of sections including the Graphic Design Department, Print Unit, Lecture Room Services, Photography. It is a department of 56 staff. This post will enable Anne to bring together her background in graphics with her recent work for JISC on strategic developments in C&IT. The department sits alongside Computing Services, the Library and Flexible Learning in the Division of Information Systems and Services.

The contact for the dissemination phase of AGOCG will continue to be Sue Cunningham who is based at the University of Manchester. Sue's post has been extended until 31 July 1999. This marks the end of Anne's contribution to the Advisory Group on Computer Graphics, as it does also to the Group itself. It is appropriate at this time to review Anne's contributions over the years.

Anne has been actively involved in ISO standardisation for a number of years including chairing the ISO CGM activity. She co-wrote one of the main text books on CGM. She also organised a couple of large scale interoperability demonstrations between suppliers and produced the CGM Toolkit.

She is active in Eurographics and on its Executive Committee. She helped found EG UK and was its Chairwoman for a number of years.

She was the one and only Co-ordinator for AGOCG. The Co-ordinator was used to harness effort in the community to achieve results which included benchmarking, producing training materials, defining standards, negotiating software deals, and so on. She had an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm and was not afraid to make decisions to get things moving. She learned the intricacies of getting budgets agreed with the Computer Board, re-negotiation of contracts with suppliers, and proposing CHEST deals.

We thank her for all her contributions to the subject and to the community, and wish her well in her new post at Loughborough.

Rae Earnshaw