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Four new AGOCG Technical reports are now available:

Hard copies of these and other AGOCG reports are available from:

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Content-Based Image Retrieval

The use of digital images has increased enormously over recent years, however searching and browsing image databases efficiently remains a problem. To address this problem, JISC is commissioning a number of content-based image retrieval related studies, one of which is a state of the art report which will be produced at the University of Northumbria. The work will involve a survey of the current research and professional literature (including material on the World-Wide Web), together with discussions with UK and overseas researchers, major users of image data and representatives of standards bodies. As part of this project, the authors are interested in researchers' opinions on issues such as:

and practitioners' opinions on issues such as: Anyone who wishes to contribute to this survey should contact John Eakins ( or Margaret Graham ( at the Institute for Image Data Research, University of Northumbria.

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