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AGOCG Advisory Group On Computer Graphics

ATC Advanced Technology Center

AVI Audio/Visual Interleaved data

CDF Common Data Format

CGM Computer Graphics Metafile

CGRM Computer Graphics Reference Model

CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture

DWF Drawing Web Format

DXF Data eXchange File

FIF Fractal Image Format

GIF Graphics Interchange Format

GKS Graphical Kernel System

HDF Hierarchical Data Format

JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group

MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group

NetCDF Network Common Data Format

NITF National Imagery Transmission Format

OII Open Information Interchange

OMG Object Modelling Group

ORB Object Request Broker

PHIGS Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System

PNG Portable Network Graphics

STEP STandard for the Exchange of Product model data

SVF Simple Vector Format

TIFF Tagged Image File Format

VRML Virtual Reality Modelling Language

W3C WWW Consortium