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Graphics on the WWW

Dr. Anne Mumford


This State of the Art Report addresses graphics on the World Wide Web. The WWW is now a major vehicle for the transfer of graphical data. In order to be successful we need to have an agreed set of standard file formats which enable predictable transfer of the information we require. The report looks at the different types of format which need to be transferred including: raster images; 2D line drawings; 3D models including engineering and chemical data; moving images. Commonly used examples of each type of format are discussed in outline. These include: TIFF, GIF, PNG raster formats; the CGM vector format; MPEG movies; VRML models. The report suggests that there is a need to think as graphics as information and not just enhancement of text and for adding interest. The report notes the need to consider indexing and metadata if we are to store and access graphics resources and notes the potential for new tools such as Java in the use of graphics in the future.



Thinking About Graphical Data

File Formats

Publishing on the Internet

Graphics as Information


Bringing Order to Graphics Resources


Looking Ahead




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