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Strategies for the effective use of computer and communications technologies in Art & Design


Directed to:

* Heads of Art & Design departments

* IT specialists in Art & Design

* Lecturing staff in Art & Design


Of interest to:

* Senior managers within HEIs

* IT specialists within HEIs

* Advisors and decision makers within Higher Education



Colin Beardon (University of Plymouth)



This study has been supported by the JISC Advisory Group on Computer Graphics (AGOCG). While the author has made every attempt to represent the views of the people interviewed, any errors or omissions are his sole responsibility.



This report would not have been possible without the positive contributions of many people who agreed to be interviewed and to contribute comments on earlier drafts. In particular, the author wishes to thank people from the following organisations:

Coventry University

CTI Art & Design (University of Brighton)

Dartington College of Arts

Falmouth College of Arts

JANET National User Group

JISC Advisory Group on Computer Graphics

JISC Information Strategies Coordinator

Middlesex University

Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication

Royal College of Art

University of Central Lancashire

University College London

University College Wales, Newport

University of Plymouth

University of Westminster




0 Executive Summary

1 Preliminaries

1.1 Relationship to CHEAD Survey

1.2 The nature of art & design

2 Changing contexts

2.1 Art & design education

2.2 Higher Education in the UK

2.3 Changing technologies

3 Empirical Findings

3.1 Computers & software

3.2 Networks

3.3 Funding issues

3.4 Technical & professional support

3.5 Research funding

4 Strategic Issues in Art & Design Units

4.1 Information Strategies for art & design

4.2 Administration and Management

4.3 Teaching and Learning

4.4 Research

4.5 Computing Equipment

4.6 Networks

4.7 Professional support

4.8 Art & design community


Appendix 1 Summary of recommendations