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Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs

Drawing Objects

Feature Stanford Graphics DeltaGraph Origin Sigmaplot
Drawing and annotation tools        
Line/Polyline/Arrow Yes Yes Line/Arr Line/Arr
Rectangle/Rounded Rectangle Yes Yes Rectangle Rectangle
Arc/Circle/Ellipse Yes Yes Circle/Ell Circle/Ell
Bezier curve/ Freehand drawing Bezier Yes No No
Object manipulation tools        
Align to baseline Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate objects Windows Yes Windows Windows
Group/ungroup elements No Yes Yes Yes
Rotate objects No 90,180… No No
Align objects No Yes Yes Yes
Snap to grid Yes Yes Yes No
Give position for objects Yes No No Yes
Import image or picture        
DXF (AutoCAD) Yes Yes No No
CGM Yes Yes No No
EPS Yes Yes No No
HPGL Yes Yes No No
DRW (Micrografx Designer) Yes Yes No No
PCX Yes Yes No No
TIF Yes Yes No No
PNG No No No No
JPEG No No No No
BMP Yes Yes Yes No
WMF Yes Yes Yes No
GIF (Compuserve) Yes No No No
Workspace control tools        
Redraw Yes Poor Yes No
Zoom Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pan No No No No
Rulers No Yes No Yes