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Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs

Graph Formatting Options

Feature Stanford Graphics DeltaGraph Origin Sigmaplot
Labels and legends        
Pick up labels from worksheet Yes Yes Yes No
Add data point labels Yes Yes Yes No
Add data percentages Yes Yes Pie only No
Automatic time series labelling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit text directly on chart Yes Yes No No
Resize legends Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chart rotation and resizing        
Rotate chart or graph Yes No No No
Specify a size for chart or graph Yes Yes Yes Yes
Preserve aspect ratio when resizing No No Yes No
Lines and point styles:        
Number of line styles 10 15 7 7
Line thickness control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of point symbols 20 Large 14 21
Control of symbol size Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fill patterns        
Number of fill patterns 20 64 10 27
Use bitmap fill patterns Yes Yes No No
Import fill patterns Yes Yes No No
Maximum number of colours per chart 117 106 48 64
Pick colours from palette Yes Yes No No
Pick colours by name or number Yes No Yes Yes
Custom colour palettes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chart Backgrounds        
Solid fill Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pattern fill Yes Yes No Yes
Bitmap (imported) Yes Yes No No
Gradient fill Yes Yes No No