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Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs

Introduction to the tables

The tables are provided under the following general headings so that quantitative comparisons can be made:

General Information

Two Dimensional Plotting

More Business and Technical Charting

Three Dimensional Plotting

Plotting Options

Data Handling

Data Transformation Functions

Data Reporting Functions

Axis and Scaling Options

Graph Formatting Options

Drawing Objects

Text Handling

Output Options

Notes about the tables

We have included Stanford Graphics as a column in the tables since we require any new package to be an adequate replacement for Stanford Graphics, at least.

Some entries are marked as having Unlimited extent. This means that the number is so large that it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to exceed that number!

In the limited time available to us, it was impossible to do an exhaustive check on all the features. If an entry which is crucial to requirements is marked as being 'not available' in the table, then the suppliers of DeltaGraph (SPSS), Sigmaplot (SPSS) or of Origin (Microcal) should be contacted to check that the feature is indeed not currently available.

? Means information is not available/ can not be determined/ do not understand category.