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Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs

Evaluation of Graphics
Packages for PCs

AGOCG Report by Mary Thorp and Steve Morgan

Computing Services, University of Liverpool

March 1998


This report is a modification of an internal report produced for the Computing Services Department at The University of Liverpool. The report is being modified for external consumption and published by AGOCG since it has relevance to many sites in the HE community.

The report contains the results of an evaluation of some technical graphing packages available for Windows NT. The packages considered were Deltagraph, Origin, Sigmaplot and Grapher. Our intention in carrying out the evaluation was to provide a quality 32-bit package for our new NT service.

From the study, we concluded that Origin was the best choice overall for our purposes but we note that, presently, its educational price is almost prohibitively high for supporting large numbers on a network.

We found that Deltagraph, although rich in features, had several serious drawbacks in the NT environment and that Sigmaplot and Grapher were limited in certain areas of functionality.


Background to Evaluation
Candidates for Evaluation

Introduction to the tables
Notes about the tables
General Information
Two Dimensional Plotting
More Business and Technical Charting
Three Dimensional Plotting
Plotting Options
Data Handling
Data Transformation Functions
Data Reporting Functions
Axis and Scaling Options
Graph Formatting Options
Drawing Objects
Text Handling
Output Options
Summary Table
Conclusions and Recommendations