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Evaluation of Graphics Packages for PCs

Data Reporting Functions

Feature Stanford Graphics DeltaGraph Origin Sigmaplot
Summary statistics        
Min and Max Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sum Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mean Yes Yes Yes Yes
Median Yes Yes No No
Variance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save summary statistics as data Yes Yes Yes Yes
Perform FFT Yes No Yes Yes
Convolution No No Yes No
Correlation Yes No Yes No
Multiple Regression Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save error series as data Yes No Yes Yes
Save regression coefficients Yes Indirectly Yes Yes
Goodness-of-fit tests        
CHI-2 No No Yes No
One way ANOVA No No Yes Yes
t-stat Yes No Yes Yes
F-stat Yes No Yes No
P-test No No Yes Yes
Data Reader        
Read Data Values from plots Yes No Yes No
Change data on plot Yes No No No
Select a range of a data plot No No Yes No
Update data worksheet if plot changed Yes No No No