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length ISA card (16 bit slots only). Jumpers (1 of 4) for I/O addressing. IRQ's set in software.


Externally : 1 RCA, 1 S-video (both can be connected simultaneously but auto-sensing needs to be turned off).



Software should come first (to identify free I/O addresses)...


The set-up software attempts to detect I/O conflicts as well as installing VideoSnap for still capture VidCap and VidEdit will have been installed when Video for Windows (VfW) was installed and you are referred to the applications manual for moving video capture setup. This does unfortunately mean that you have to have VfW already installed otherwise Captivator's setup will not complete even if you only want to capture still images. The optional scanning for available I/O addresses may cause the system to lock up (a warning to this effect is displayed). If scanning is chosen and successful you will be shown addresses which it thinks are free and gives further instructions on installation........

Back to the hardware

This then becomes a matter of setting the address jumper, fitting the card and connecting a video input.

And back to the software again

Now the card has been installed physically, the software can detect IRQ conflicts. In our case it detected a (known) conflict with a network card. Following on-screen suggestions it then scanned I/O addresses again (finding and identifying itself this time) and eliminated other IRQ's, leaving its recommendation (from the remainder) on screen this was accepted with no ensuing problems.

Capture times

640x480x24 3s
640x480x8 1 s


Max. image grab size is 640x480. Colour depths 24, 16, 8 palettised. No palettes supplied - to get a grey scale palette you must not grab an image or select 'palette from frame or sequence' options. We saved a grey scale palette early on.

Dithering is used to show images on displays not providing the colour range of the palette selected. File formats (still images) are BMP and DIB.

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