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Video Blaster RT300

Video Blaster RT 300


Creative Labs


2/3 length ISA card.
2 sets of jumpers : 1 set (of 8) for I/O address, 1 set (of 4) for IRQ



4 x video in (3 RCA, 1 S-video) labelled - tiny, but labelled!



Set I/O address and IRQ to available ones although IRQ jumpers are not labelled as shown in the manual and, confusingly, have the same numbers as the IRQ (9, 10, 11, 12) but are in the reverse order, e.g. IRQ9=JP12 and IRQ12=JP9. Install card, connect to video source.


Fairly straightforward except you must have a video capture application that supports Video for Windows/Intel Indeo (a version of Adobe Premiere 1.0 supplied, so install this as well unless you have a similar application already set up).

Capture times

640x480x8c 5s (not including save)


Because Premiere is primarily a motion video capture program its defaults are set accordingly. Capture options (a menu selection) will have to be changed for higher resolution still image capture, for example (default settings in square brackets[ ]) :
Capture type    single frame [normal]
video format    Intel Indeo video raw [Intel Indeo video 3.2], then resolution configured to
                640x480 [160x120]
compression     Full frames (uncompressed)  [no compression]
When setting the capture file you can only point to a drive, not directories (although you can pre-allocate space - showing motion video origins again).

Although understandable for video sequences the maximum palette of 256 colours (no greyscale) for still images is very limiting (in theory video for windows is a 24 bit CODEC and does not need to be reduced to 8 bit for 256 colour displays - see section 2 for further information). The Intel Indeo video formats (both raw and 3.2) are supposedly 24 bit colour capable. After several discussions with Creative Labs it appears that the problem might be with the drivers or Premiere (which means it may be 'fixable' if someone gets around to modifying/updating them).

The only still format supported is .BMP but at least a standard 'Save As' dialog box is presented, allowing choice of drive/directories.

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