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Full length ISA card, works in an 8 or 16 bit slot 1 jumper for I/O address (not mentioned as jumper in manual index, therefore you have to guess what to look it up under).


Externally - VGA in; VGA out; S video
Internally - Min-key - proprietary connector similar to Vesa Media Channel (to connect to Micro key card - another card from the manufacturers)



Slightly troublesome. Card guides had to be removed. Mounting bracket (backplate) needed careful positioning (i.e. judicious bending).

VGA input and output connectors are a bit too close together; some plugs and sockets (particularly with moulded housings) may be difficult to seat fully.

Video connector (4 pin mini-DIN) had RCA (phono' plug) at the other end, no S-video or BNC supplied. For the set-up used in this evaluation, an adapter was needed.


Installation was very straightforward no problems. During initial setup (first time the software is run) the video window, that is the window displaying the source video, was displaced from the VideoVue control window and covered part of the controls needed to adjust relative window positions. In our case we were fortunate that there was just enough of the control window exposed to permit making adjustments.

Capture times

Resolution/pixel depth  approx time (s)
1024x768x24                9
1024x768x8                 9
1024x768x8grey             6
800x600x24                 7.5
800x600x8                  8
800x600x8grey              5.5
640x480x24                 6
640x480x8                  6
640x480x8grey              4.5



On-screen (live video window) image quality did not appear to be very good, although using some of the adjustments improved it a little. There did not seem to be any way of leaving the 'adjust' button bar on screen during image capture.

With 'Adjust|Input|Sharpness' controls anything greater than 0 appeared to cause 'ringing' around objects (more horizontally than vertically). The noise filter seemed to make little difference (@1024x786) - at least with the video sources used for this evaluation.

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