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3.Local application of standards
4.Service standards
5.Conclusions 6.Bibliography

A: Brunel Media Services AV Survey 1997
B: Draft Performance Standards for AV Services
C: Service Level Agreement between BMS and Conference Office
D: Summary List of Standards

Case Studies

Defining and Implementing Standards for Lecture Room Services

Appendix B: Information Services Sub-Committee - Working Group on Performance Standards

Draft statement
Media Services
[NB Working Group Comments have been included in square brackets and these are currently under discussion with the Media Services User Group]
AV service

The aim of this service is to provide an extensive range of AV equipment and supporting services for teaching applications in central lecture rooms. Equipment is provided either by permanent installation in lecture rooms, by setting up for specific events or by issuing to users from central service points. Bookings for events and equipment loans can be made by personal visit, telephone, email or internal mail and arrangements for delivery collection are agreed with the user. There is a central email address and internal telephone line for bookings and enquiries. Stock is maintained at a level determined to be appropriate to satisfy prevailing operational requirements. Equipment is serviced by routine inspection and by attending to reported faults, subject to convenient access times. A certain level of support is given for departmental lecture rooms where there are no technical staff within the department. This service is also provided to conference organisers by agreement with the Conference Office.
Further details at URL:

[Authority needs to be agreed. It was proposed that this should be the Information Services Sub-Committee.]
Media Services budget and Conference Office annual fee.

AV team


  • [99]% of users will be able to use existing AV installations without referral to Media Services
  • [100]% of requests will have the required equipment set-up and collected for a specific event [on any of the four campuses, subject to advanced notice from the user of 5 working days]
  • n% of applications to borrow equipment will be satisfied [within 15 working days]

  • [All AV equipment to be labelled with contact number for immediate response]
  • [Introduction whereby all equipment is checked on a random basis to be functioning properly]
  • [A user evaluation sheet for all clients at least once a year.]
  • a log kept of any matters referred to Media Services in relation to installed equipment and matched as a percentage against room bookings for given periods
  • a log kept of complaints in relation to set-ups and collections and matched as a percentage against booked events for given periods
  • a log kept of booking requests where alternative arrangements became necessary, matched as a percentage against number of AV equipment loan agreements for given periods


  • Specification by the University of groups of rooms to be centrally serviced
  • Suitability of a lecture room for the required mode of AV presentation
  • Accessibility to lecture room prior to an event or for service inspection [Delete]
  • Prior user training and experience in operating specific equipment [Delete]
  • Prior booking in accordance with standing notification periods
  • Availability of equipment in particular spaces at particular times [Delete]
  • Notification of faults by users [Delete]
  • Satisfactory return of loan equipment by previous borrower [Delete]


  • Service information, training and advisory support
  • Enquiries and booking
  • Equipment set-up and breakdown
  • Stock control
  • Equipment issue and retrieval from service point
  • Installation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Administration

Based on demands. Current trend towards increasing use of LCD projectors for data presentation. Service will increasingly be provided from the Uxbridge centre.
[It was suggested that there should be some mention of the service continuing to keep apace with its stock of state of the art equipment, and of the service introducing a mechanism to ensure that users return equipment after they have finished with it. Also it was acknowledged that adequate user training should be an important development target.]
Availability of appropriate AV equipment at required place and time.
Media Services
18 March 1998

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