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3.Local application of standards
4.Service standards
5.Conclusions 6.Bibliography

A: Brunel Media Services AV Survey 1997<br> B: Draft Performance Standards for AV Services
C: Service Level Agreement between BMS and Conference Office
D: Summary List of Standards

Case Studies

Defining and Implementing Standards for Lecture Room Services

Appendix C:

Brunel University
Media Services
Service Level Agreement for Conference Office

1. This document constitutes a service level agreement between the Media Services and Conference Office of Brunel University and applies to provision of AV services in relation to all conferences and courses arranged through the Conference Office taking place on the Uxbridge Campus.

2. The Service Level Agreement lasts for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of signature to 31st July of the subsequent year.

3. Media Services undertakes to provide the Conference Office with relevant information on the AV services and facilities available for use by external clients, by means of a published Schedule giving details of rooms equipped with AV installations, portable AV equipment and indicative hire rates.

4. Subject to the relevant clauses contained within this Agreement, Media Services is obliged to make available to the conference or course organisers, hereafter referred to as the Client, the required AV equipment and facilities selected from the current Schedule at the requested dates and times specified in the written booking confirmation.

5. The Conference Office is responsible for communication with the Client in relation to AV Services by providing information on services available, confirming booking arrangements with Media Services and collecting any payments due from the Client.

6. The Conference Office will require the Client to sign a declaration to the effect that s/he will indemnify and hold harmless Brunel University's employees, and its assigns, against any infringement of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 in relation to the unauthorised performance and recording of works.

7. Media Services must be informed as soon as possible of any events booked which are likely to require AV services. The Conference Office will provide Media Services with written confirmation by Thursday no less than one week before the event and is obliged to ensure accuracy with the Client. This will be regarded as the definitive statement of the Client's requirements.

8. While variations to a confirmed booking may subsequently be negotiated, Media Services reserves the right to refuse any such request which cannot reasonably be fulfilled with the available time and resources. A specific charge will be made for the provision of services in respect of any such variations, including any staff and hire costs, by means of an internal transfer demand issued to the Conference Office. Media Services will advise the Conference Office of the full cost of the special arrangement prior to issue of demand.

9. The Conference Office will ensure that AV facilities are operated by competent persons and will indemnify Media Services in respect of any loss or damage to the equipment occurring during the booking period.

10. The Conference Office will not permit the Client to connect his/her own equipment to any AV facilities without the prior agreement of Media Services staff.

11. AV Services are normally provided weekdays between 9.00am and 5.00pm throughout the year. Media Services does not normally provide attended service at weekends but can provide support for a specific event in one of the following ways:

(i) by demonstrating the equipment to a suitable representative of the Client prior to the event at a mutually agreed time, the cost of this service being absorbed within the Annual Fee;

(ii) by inviting members of its technical staff to work on specific events for overtime payment at the appropriate rate, this being charged to the Conference Office;

(iii) by approaching up to three successive sub-contractors in the event that alternative arrangements are not possible. The Conference Office will be charged the full cost of the subcontracted service but any Media Services administration costs will be absorbed within the Annual Fee.

12. (i) The Conference Office will agree in advance with the Client the arrangements for attended AV support for specific events, consistent with the specific arrangements for evening and weekend cover agreed for the event in relation to Clause 11.

(ii) In the event of the equipment breaking down during operation, the Client should contact the Conference Office immediately who will implement the emergency back-up procedures agreed for the event.

(iii) In the event that any equipment failure cannot be rectified within a reasonable time scale, Media Services is obliged to provide substitute equipment of a similar standard, which may be left in the care of the Conference Office in advance of the event. If the replacement equipment is of a lower specification, the relevant hire fee for the item will be waived. If no replacement equipment is available, Media Services will offer compensation to the Client, via the Conference Office, not exceeding the relevant equipment item hire fee. In such cases, the Conference Office will issue Media Services with a specific departmental transfer instruction.

(iv) In the absence of technician support, the Conference Office is responsible for ensuring that any equipment provided is secure and disconnected from the power supply when not in use.

13. For any booked service event, Media Services staff will install the requested equipment to a level which is ready for the client to use, i.e.:

  • the equipment will be placed in an appropriate location on a suitable stand or trolley and any screens required made ready;
  • the equipment will be plugged into a suitable power supply and all signal connections made good and checked;
  • any lenses will be adjusted for focus consistent with its set-up location;
  • the equipment will normally be left switched-off at its operating panel unless it is likely to result in inconvenient loss of functionality or data;
  • the equipment will be ready to use no less than fifteen minutes before the starting time of the conference or course detailed in the booking confirmation.

The Client is responsible for resetting the equipment if s/he chooses to relocate it or alter the default settings and should be asked to switch it off and disconnected from the power supply after use.

14. The Conference Office will pay Media Services an Annual Fee, less a 5% royalty, by 1 July preceding the end of the agreement period. The Annual Fee is decided by mutual agreement at the start of the agreement period and is based on the previous year's Annual Fee plus inflation as of the date of signature, taking account of any agreed variation in relation to Clause 15.

15. Media Services will keep a record of the number of events serviced during the financial year to assist in determining any variation to the previous year's fee. Any consequent variation to the Annual Fee will not exceed 5% more or less than the previous year's Annual Fee.

16. The Annual Fee includes the hire of equipment and facilities described in the Schedule, and staff time during normal service opening hours. It excludes overtime payments, consumables, and the cost of providing services varying from any booking confirmation.

17. In the event of any failure of either party to fulfil their obligations during the agreement period, the injured party will notify the other in writing giving details of the incident so that both parties may agree an appropriate course of action.

Agreement period from _____________ to 31 July________
Annual fee £___________, less 5% royalty.
Signed __________________________ ____________________________
Media Services Manager Conference Manager

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