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Case Studies

An integrated approach to technology within Lecture Room Services


Heriot-Watt University has a strong history in the use, development and implementation of learning technology but has only recently been able to address the provision of suitable facilities in its lecture theatres. This places the University in a good position to report on its recent experiences and the plans it has for the future. At the core of this report is a case study on the refurbishment of a lecture theatre for electronic delivery. A survey was carried out of lecturers who used the refurbished room and lessons have been drawn from that survey and changes in approach identified. Overall there is a move to integration of lecture rooms with its computing, audio-visual and learning technology units.
The report recommends

  • The inclusion of a consultation process when planning changes in teaching facilities
  • New technology is introduced with training and support
  • That an integrated approach is taken to include technology alongside basic facilities and timetabling

Douglas Marsland, Dr Nils Tomes, and Dr Patrick McAndrew
Learning Technology Centre,
Heriot-Watt University
Report prepared for Advisory Group on Computer Graphics

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