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Preparation and Construction

Technical Specification

Learning Environment

Case Studies

Ceiling mounted video cameras to record lectures at the push of a button

One of the ways of expanding access to ‘standard’ lectures is to provide them on video. This can be time consuming and intrusive - as camera and cables (and cameraman) have to be set up within the theatre. This problem has been solved by having cameras built into the fabric of the theatre, resulting in a convenient system, whereby the lecturer can simply ask the technician to record a particular lecture, and the presence of the camera can almost be forgotten. Sound from student contributions within the audience can even be recorded through an array of nine flat, covert, white Pressure Zone Microphones in the ceiling.

There are two cameras, which can be moved around by remote control. One camera is set to a wide angle to give a wide scene-setting shot of the room, and the other a closer shot of the lecturer. The technician can operate a vision mixer to change between these cameras and also a third Visualiser overhead camera for showing close-ups of materials

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