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Preparation and Construction

Technical Specification

Learning Environment

Case Studies


Experience with building the three new lecture theatres on the city campus had made it clear that it was necessary to plan the technology support at the earliest possible stage. The University had, within its Learning Support Services Division, expertise and experience at handling major audio-visual installations - though this particular project taxed that experience to the limit, because of its unique factors.

Project Partners

The project involved a partnership between the University Estates Division, Learning Support Services, the architects (email link), the city planners, the funding bodies and a commercial AV provider with the Estates Division forming the prime link between the external design team and 'the University'.


At the time of design, the building was not listed (though it has been since). However, both to satisfy the planners rightful concerns and our own sense of architectural integrity, the work was not to be visible from the exterior of the building. The final scheme involved extensive consultation with the local authority in terms of how it affected the existing building and how much of the original architectural features could be retained. (Those who see the final result are normally quite impressed!)

Means of Escape

Naturally, a major concern of the project was that of means of escape. The lecture theatres were to be designed to seat a large number of students - but, in the worst possible case, the same number could be waiting 'outside' ready for the next 'changeover'. This was without the occupants of the other rooms surrounding the quadrangle and in the adjacent Learning Centre.

We knew that the circulation and safety of such large numbers was a difficult logistical problem to solve, and this also involved a lot of meetings with the local authority building control officers and the fire safety officer.

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