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1 Introduction
2 The lecture series
3 Statements on IT provision

4 Observations

5 Appendices

Case Studies

"Digital Futures": A Case Study in a Faculty of Art & Design


Module AVP202: Specification

Module Specification

Art & Design

Course / Course Cluster
Departmental Elective, Visual & Performing Arts

Module title Digital futures: from tools to robots and aliens
Level      2
Credit points   10
Pre-requisites   None
Co-requisites   None
Reference   AVP202
Semester   1
Status   Departmental Elective

To provide introductions and insights into a range of IT applications, which might currently inform the students' own experience and practice in the visual and performing arts.
To develop students understanding of the current and future opportunities offered by 'information technology' (IT) and digital invention with particular emphasis upon arts practice, research, current achievements and potential.
To explore predictions of future developments.

Indicative Syllabus
Current applications of IT (Communication: e-mail, video-conferencing; Internet, databases etc) offer the artist new if complex tools: the course will initially address the advantages and complications of the artist using such facilities. However predictions abound that such applications are pedestrian compared to likely future developments: the course will then address and assess some predictions around the themes "As machines become more complex, they become more life-like" and "by 2005 humans will no longer be the most intelligent life form on earth!"

Indicative Reading List
Out of Control: the new biology of machines, K Kelly,

Hours Ft/SW
Contact Time 10
Directed Learning Time 20
Independent Learning Time 70
Formal Assessment Time 0
Total Workload Time 100

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