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"Digital Futures": A Case Study in a Faculty of Art & Design

Appendix 2.7.14

"The Two Ironies":

e-mail 6th February 1998 predicting new student e-mail system [63]
e-mail 25th February 1998 announcing new computer in Bonington L.T. [64]
e-mail 2nd March 1998 announcing new student e-mail system operational [65]

From: 	Smith, Barry
Sent: 	Friday, February 06, 1998 4:03 PM
To: 	Adam Tomlinson (dig.fut); Adele Agar (dig.fut); Alexandra Smith (dig.fut); 
Andrew Cleverley (dig.fut); Andy Walker (dig.fut); Antony Prince (dig.fut); 
Ben De Vleeschauwer (dig.fut); Blain Bishop (dig.fut); Carlos Sevillano (dig.fut); 
Claire Albaret (dig.fut); Claire Dockray (dig.fut); Claire Fellows (dig.fut); 
Conor Healy; Conor Healy (dig.fut); Dan Alexander (dig.fut); 
Danny Nussbaum (dig.fut); David Lee (dig.fut); David Sutton (dig.fut); 
Ela Sisley (dig.fut); Fiona Nunn (dig-fut); Gert de Pris (dig.fut); Hannah Scott (dig.fut); 
Harriet Stewart (dig.fut); Houri Ghamian (dig.fut); James Wilthew (dig.fut); 
Jenny Keogh (dig.fut); Jode Stansfield (dig.fut); Jonny Hodson (dig.fut); 
Ka-Poon Chan (dig.fut); Kevin Bell (dig.fut); Lisa Williamson (dig.fut); 
Matt Knott (dig.fut); Matthew Steventon (dig.fut); Michael Taylor; 
Oscar Hammond (dig.fut); Peter Osborne (dig.fut); Philip Kelly (dig.fut?); 
Rachel (dig.fut); Rebecca Bradbury (dig.fut); Rikke Biltoft (dig.fut); 
Sally Hoffaker; Sarah Witters (dig.fut); Teresa Foulkes (dig.fut); 
Tim Smith (dig.fut); Tim Whitlock (dig.fut); Tommy Gildseth (dig.fut); 
Toria Power (dig.fut); Wm Scammell (dig.fut); Zoe Taylor (dig.fut)
Subject: 	FW: Student Email
Hey, you're e-mail's about to get civilised and sophisticated (see note below)... Congrats... hope you like the new (much prettier) system. Barry
From: 	Hannah, Wendy
Sent: 	Friday, February 06, 1998 9:26 AM
To: 	COM E-Mail Co-ordinators(Private)
Subject: 	FW:Student Email
Message forwarded from Anthony Jordan
Student E-Mail is moving from MORSE to Microsoft Exchange
Over the coming weekend (7 - 8 February 1998), Computing Services will be setting up e-mail mailboxes for all the University's students in the new Microsoft Exchange e-mail system. During this time, you should not use e-mail as you may lose messages.
After this weekend:
New e-mail sent to you will now be delivered to your Microsoft Exchange mailbox instead of MORSE. You can read your new e-mail by double-clicking on the Microsoft Exchange icon in the Terminal Emulation and Internet program group in Windows.
If you have never used e-mail on MORSE, then you should just exit from MORSE and start using MS Exchange.
If you have been using MORSE, then you can still read your old e-mail messages on MORSE, but you will need to use MS Exchange to read your new e-mail and to send messages. The old messages will remain on MORSE until Easter Break (an exact date will be published later).
The student e-mail service has been switched to MS Exchange to provide a more user-friendly e-mail system for students and to allow staff and students to send each other e-mail more easily.
Your Internet e-mail address remains the same (eg
The following free documents are available to help you use MS Exchange:
E4 Getting started with Microsoft Exchange
E5 "Better Looking" Messages in Exchange
If you have any queries/problems, please contact one of the Computing Services Help Desks.
Note that Environmental Studies and Nottingham Business School students who are already using Microsoft Exchange will be unaffected by this change over.
From: 	Young, Gerry
Sent: 	Wednesday, February 25, 1998 10:05 AM
To: 	ART All Staff in Faculty
Subject: 	Bonington Lecture Theatre Computer
The Bonington Lecture Theatre computer is now operational, it has Windows NT4 as an operating system and Microsoft Office 97 is installed at the moment, including PowerPoint. The computer has a CD rom drive and sound, a Zip drive will be fitted in the near future. Please contact me or Des if you have any other software requirements, it is intended to install Adobe Photoshop V4 in the near future.
At the moment the computer is on a trolley as a temporary measure, so Des will need to know in advance if you require it. It is intended to install the new Lectern by the start of the summer term at the latest, the Computer will then be available at the front of the lecture theatre whenever needed, as will a VHS player.
Gerry Young
Principal Tech. Vis. & Perf. Arts.
From: 	Hannah, Wendy
Sent: 	Monday, March 02, 1998 11:27 AM
To: 	COM E-Mail Co-ordinators(Private); COM E-Mail LESOS(Private)
Cc: 	Massey, Richard
Subject: 	Students on Exchange
In case you haven't already noticed, all the students have now been added to the Exchange email system. Each course code has a distribution list of students, as well as individual entries for all students . Their email address is the old vax, eg Queries on how the students access it and use it need to be addressed to the help desks, City 2975 or Clifton 3134. There are documents E4 and E5 available from the reception desks in Computing Services.
I understand students have a limit of 2.5mb on messages.
E-Mail Support Officer Tel 0115 9418418 ext 4102
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