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2.The new centres
4.Interactive Lectures
5.Lecture Theatres
6.Theatre design
7.ISO Standards
8.Design Consultants
10.Future proofing
11.Mobile equipment
14.Faculty technicians
16.Room bookings
17.Skill levels
18.AV School


22.Presentation skills
23.Equipment database

Case Studies

Audio Visual Centres in the 21st century

21 Advertising the Internal Service.

21.1 We have so few AV and photographic staff that it would overload the service if we had an aggressive internal marketing campaign. To date we have relied on word of mouth to promote the service but it is unfair on academic staff who do not know of our existence. It holds back teaching and cannot be allowed to continue. In the past, we have produced a newsletter (see appendix nine) and intend in time to update it when additional staff are appointed.

21.2 When this is achieved then we will be able to mount a marketing campaign to promote the service..

21.3 This will take the form of an e-mail to all members of staff, backed up with hard copy A4 advertising .

21.4 In addition, we plan to have a stall set up at the induction course which every new member of academic staff must attend, and of course the mandatory web page, which is already nearing completion.

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