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2.The new centres
4.Interactive Lectures
5.Lecture Theatres

6.Theatre design

7.ISO Standards
8.Design Consultants
10.Future proofing
11.Mobile equipment
14.Faculty technicians
16.Room bookings
17.Skill levels
18.AV School
22.Presentation skills
23.Equipment database

Case Studies

Audio Visual Centres in the 21st century

6 Lecture Theatre Design/Teaching Block.

6.1 What is the ideal design for a lecture theatre and how would you service such a facility? I was asked for my views at the very early stages of a design concept for a new lecture theatre complex. It transpired that it would be no more than a refurbishment of an existing building which precluded many original and innovative ideas. Non the less some of the more critical details have been embodied in the final design which has enabled a high degree of futureproofing as outlined elsewhere. The design shown for a `teaching block' (see appendix one) dates from 1994 and was a preliminary idea that was not developed any further: I believe it was a useful exercise and is a cost effective solution and modern concept that could be developed to provide a self contained teaching facility.

6.2 An overview of the AV design concept is also shown in appendix two. Many of the features described have been lost due to cuts in budgets or building constraints but the core services including AMX remain intact and can be upgraded when required. The final design is a fairly conventional layout as is the lectern which has been modified to accept video tapes via the letter box. It prevents tampering with the VCRs controls whilst allowing free access when needed. (see appendix three and three A)

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