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2.The new centres
4.Interactive Lectures
5.Lecture Theatres
6.Theatre design
7.ISO Standards
8.Design Consultants
10.Future proofing
11.Mobile equipment
14.Faculty technicians
16.Room bookings
17.Skill levels
18.AV School

22.Presentation skills

23.Equipment database

Case Studies

Audio Visual Centres in the 21st century

22 Presentation and Communication Skills Course.

22.1 These courses were introduced seven years ago on the basis that students and post graduates are largely unprepared when they present their work to others. Within the institution even basic rules are broken, with too much information on a slide or poor photocopies being displayed on an overhead projector etc. etc.

22.2 Media Services took the initiative and introduced these short courses which are a two day event. The students are given tutorials and group practical sessions which are augmented with course notes (see appendix six). When they have completed the course they make a presentation to the rest of the group. This is video taped and analysed with the student group and course tutor. They are always provided with a video of their presentation for reference. This has proved very popular and we have four departments already signed up and two others have expressed an interest.

22.3 The course leader is qualified to teach as well as being a qualified professional photographer.

22.4 At the moment the course is restricted mainly to postgraduates and I have presented a paper to the research degrees committee for additional funding with a view to extending the course to all students (see appendix six).

22.5 New opportunities now exist since we have merged with AIS. It may be possible to run courses in conjunction with computer services. As an example, they run a course on Power Point which deals exclusively with software familiarisation, our presentation course could run on afterwards to provide the creative techniques that are essential for its effective use.

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